Tuesday, 1 December 2015

being Emotionally street-smart

An initiative to ‘Give-Back’ to society

Offering free seminar at your place; your office, community, social group, friends, family, relatives, neighbours, anyone… Gather a group of people and buzz me… I’ll be there…

How does Human Mind work? We all have our own micro-theories to explain; how do people make decisions, how to predict who would do what & when, how do people behave and why, what are emotions and how to deal with them, how to live life in ‘best’ way possible…

But there’s always something missing, the dilemma to listen to heart or brain, the sadness in spite of having everything one aimed for, lack of motivation to work for the ‘obvious’ target…

All I have learnt is from the world around me and I continue to use the knowledge to step-up in my life and be ‘happy’. This is my attempt to give-back to society what it has helped me earn, to share my learning and knowledge.

Free e-book

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Who am I?

An XLRI ate and a Mensan; thorough professional with over a decade of praxis in various realms of Human Resource Management. Also a Change Leader with evolving prowess into Appreciative Inquiry, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Organisation Development.

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Deep Mody
Helping Humans do what they do the best – Be Human